My 24 year old, autistic, minimally verbal son began working with Jenn about a year ago.  He has had many individual speech therapists over the years, but no one has come close to achieving the results Jenn has in this brief time period.  She has a wonderful, energetic, upbeat manner and has honed in on the various techniques that work best with him.  I could not be more thrilled with the progress he is making, particularly at this stage of his life. His articulation, overall interest in communicating (and not just for requesting) and volume are noticeably improved.  Keep up the great work, Jenn! - Parent (Chelmsford, MA)

"Jenn works with our 9-year-old autistic son who uses a Nova Chat 7 communication device. I was very impressed by Jenn's knowledge of the device, her programming abilities, and the way she implements the device in her sessions... She was also very informative and helpful in reviewing our son's IEP; helping us to create appropriate goals to implement using his device at school, and Jenn worked with his school SLP to help generalize his skills over multiple settings. I really like the way she interacts with my son. She does not talk down to him, as other speech therapists tend to do."  - Parent (Dracut, MA)

Jenn works with our 26 year old son who has Down Syndrome and is nonverbal. Since Jenn has started working with our son we have seen an increased and independent usage of his iPad and TouchChat to communicate.   In addition to coming to the house weekly, she has been instrumental in keeping us updated as to his progress at his adult program where she works with the staff and him there.  Jenn is also working with his Behavioral Therapist and us to reduce his frustrations by finding alternate ways of communicating his needs.  Our family is very lucky to have Jenn on our side. -Parent (Lowell, MA) 


"I've been impressed by Jenn's ability to develop creative activities that hold my adult daughter's interest. She uses these activities to teach and reinforce communication skills. My daughter looks forward to their time together."   - Parent (Lexington, MA)

"When we began working with Jenn, my daughter S was 2 years old, nonverbal, and had recently been given a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. Jenn helped us introduce S to an iPad AAC program and taught us how to slowly present S with new vocabulary. Over the course of nine months, S started putting together up to 4- and 5-word sentences with her iPad, making connections between concepts we didn't know she understood, commenting on things we had done in the past, and even illustrating to us that she knew her colors, letters, numbers, and shapes. Then, she suddenly started talking! The work we had done with Jenn during that time helped our daughter learn how to use language and build social interaction skills while she was gearing up to being ready to speak-- and it helped us learn that even when she wasn't talking, she still had a lot to tell us. We will always be grateful to Jenn for helping us bridge the gap during that time when our daughter would otherwise have been unable to communicate with us."  - Parent (Watertown, MA)

I have had the pleasure to not only work alongside, but also to learn from Jenn and expand my knowledge in speech and language instruction. Professional, creative, and flexible, Jenn uses humor to keep her students focused so they learn without even realizing they are learning! Jenn has a natural easy going manner that kids gravitate to and find calming, allowing them to approach their learning sessions as a time of day they actually look forward to! Always willing to answer questions and work with others, Jenn is an excellent instructor for adults as well, helping the SLP process become a more well-rounded effort by multiple individuals involved in a child’s life.  Passionate and dedicated, with the ability to produce noticeable results, I have seen Jenn make a difference time and time again.   I have worked with multiple SLP providers in my time teaching, and Jenn is absolutely one of the best! -Teacher (Manchester, NH)

“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the work you have done associated with my daughter's social pragmatics testing.  She has changed a lot in the years since you first assessed her. Thank you for the good job that you did both naming and describing her communication patterns. I do think you have a "good ear" and are adept at teasing out a test subject's predominant issues.  That takes judgment beyond just gathering data and scoring results. Your reports seem more comprehensive than many other SLP reports I have read.  The extended quotes you provided help the readers to identify noted issues. Good individuated testing often helps align the IEP Team members and drive consensus because reports like yours allow team members to recognize the student when they read the report.” - Parent (Groton, MA)

"Jennifer is an amazing therapist because she not only meets her student’s speech and communication needs, but she also understands their physical and emotional needs and manages her therapy sessions in such a way that her students are comfortable and physically prepared to focus on their speech and communication goals."   - Physical Therapist (Beverly, MA)

"Jennifer is a very enthusiastic, determined, and hard working Speech- language pathologist who wants what is best for the students.  She is professional and is willing to share her knowledge and skill with other team members.  She is flexible and always goes above and beyond expectations."   -  Teacher (Beverly, MA)